199: What Our Parents Taught Us About Sex and What We're Teaching Our Kids

Today we are talking about how we plan to talk to our children about sex and how we’ve already talked to them about it. This is going to include a brief history of how our parents talked to us about it. We feel we have so much to learn about this and don’t want to run away from the scariness or daunting aspect of this conversation. We want to lean into it and embrace the role that we have in our children’s life especially in this area. Hopefully we can encourage you to do the same with your children.

As a parent, especially with something as crucial as God’s sexual design, you want to be the first one in line to talk to them about this. When you are the first one to tell your child about something, that shapes their perception of the truth and then they compare everything else they hear to that truth that you shared with them first. As parents, we want to be the first ones to share God’s standard for sex and sexuality. Everything else can then be seen in that light, rather than picking up a bunch of ideas here or there and comparing them. We live in a very sexually confused world, and we don’t want our children to be confused.

We want to be the initiators of these types of conversations in our home. We want to put ourselves in the position to be the first people our kids go to for questions, embarrassing thoughts, uncomfortable thoughts or unfortunate situations they find themselves in. We are naive in this area. We’ve never done this before. This area, like any other area, we want to be surrendered and open to the Lord’s leading and open to receiving counsel. We know we do not have it all figured out and will probably have to pivot at different points in time. We need to remain unified together as husband and wife and seek the Lord on this topic, like everything else involving raising our children.

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