Homeschool: The First Three Years 

Laying a foundation of joy, confidence, and a love of learning from the start.



Simplified Homeschool 

What if you could give your children an outstanding education without endless paper clutter, "homeschool mom" becoming your sole identity, and sacrificing your home to a maze of glitter and cotton balls? 

I wanted to homeschool, but I didn't want homeschool to be all consuming. I didn't want to live in a schoolroom with timelines and chalk pencils and ABC's slathered all over the walls. I didn't want to fill my days thinking about sticker charts and curriculum, and sweating the next standardized test around the corner. 

Joyful Homeschool 


What if you actually looked forward to teaching your child every day, and they couldn't wait to learn alongside you?  

Confident Homeschool 

What if you knew, without a doubt, that you were giving your child an incredible foundation in education? What if your children felt confident they could succeed and push past barriers in whatever they had a mind to learn?


Laying a Foundation

The first three years are crafting a foundation for the rest of your homeschool experience. You get to lay the groundwork for a love of learning in your home, a love of teaching, and peaceful, restful rhythms that support your day instead of strict schedules that suffocate it. 


This Course Will Help You:

  • Feel confident making educational decisions for your children 
  • Declutter and Simplify your home school 
  • Discover what kind of homeschooling mother you are (and how to teach in a way that excites you!)
  • Design restful schooling rhythms that don't take over your entire day  
  • Navigate meltdowns and children who don't enjoy learning
  • Practically care for baby and toddler while teaching multiple grades
  • Create a fresh life-giving home school that brings you joy 
  • Motivate children, stay consistent yourself, and fall in love with homeschooling. 

Take a Peek Inside the Course!

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Hey, I'm Katie! 

I grew up as the eldest of 11 kids and homeschooling was all I knew. My mother was a "B" student, and I didn't take a science class until college, but she taught me how to learn.

I graduated with my BA in English Writing at 19 years old with a 3.9 GPA and have not stopped learning since! 

Along the way, I fell in love with teaching. First teaching my younger siblings how to read and write, then later teaching middle school English, then high school English classes . . . then a jumble of everything  as a tutor to other families. 

I LOVED watching students connect the dots, but when it came to my own kids, I was terrified. Could I be consistent enough? What if I failed to prepare them for the "real world?" Would homeschooling take over my life and home?

I can't wait to share with you why "school" is my children's favorite thing to do each day, share a new take on homeschooling that is fresh and minimal, and give you  years of teaching tips I have learned to cultivate confidence and a love of learning in your children.

Are You Ready to Fall in Love with Teaching Your Children?

Let's Start!

“I am so grateful for this course. As a mama of three, the question of ‘how/where to start?’ has been on my mind. Most resources offer either too much (overwhelm!) or not enough (waste of time.) Katie’s course is exactly what I needed. She keeps it simple enough that I can get started right away but provides sufficient depth that I can use these videos long term. I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants their kids to love to learn.” 

Who is this Course For?

  • If you aren't sure homeschooling is right for your family (let me show you how simple and effective it can be)!

  • If you are just starting out in homeschooling and have a preschooler, kindergartener or first-grader (let's get you started off feeling confident right out of the gate)! 

  • If you are a veteran homeschooler, but still have children in the younger years, and want fresh perspective, inspiration, and joy! 

Who is this NOT For?

  • Those who will be frustrated with a Biblical Worldview (my faith shapes every perspective I have, so if you're cool with that, come on in)!

  • You already have your homeschool groove and aren't looking for new ideas, concepts or rhythms 



YOU can teach your child HOW TO LEARN everything they need to know. 

What Makes The First Three Years Different From Other Homeschool Courses?


I don't just tell you. I SHOW you.


My two year old, four year old, and five year old show you exactly how to progress in writing, reading, concentration, arithmetic, and a love of learning, without spending hours of time and hundreds of dollars on curriculum.

Skip the stress and struggle of figuring out how to make all the pieces of a high-quality education go together, and copy my rhythms of peaceful simplicity. (Or let them inspire your own!)

Let me welcome you into our home to see EXACTLY how you can give your children a high-quality education in a fresh, simple, efficient, way.