With Elisha and Katie Voetberg

Culture has reduced the modern family to a joke -- informing parents they are only capable of shuttling their children from expert to expert who experiment with untested agendas. Katie and Elisha lean on their experience growing up in large families of 10 and 11 kids, to encourage parents to take back control, stop listening to popular relationship advice, and embrace their God-given role as their children's primary authority.

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Elisha and Katie Voetberg, parents to five, believe the most powerful force in society is the family. When submitted to God’s design and order, it is powerful for discipleship, reformation, revival, and bringing glory to it’s designer. When under the influence of godless ideologies it becomes an incubator of disfunction and the leading indicator for a society destined for destruction.

Elisha and Katie draw from their unique experiences of growing up in families that went against the flow, seeking unparalleled results instead of average statistics in and out of the home.

They work tirelessly to support conservative families that want something different than the failing cultural model, but lack the practical systems and clear vision needed to cultivate homes that have multigenerational impact and earth-shattering results.