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If you are trying your best to be a mother, it can be heartbreaking to crawl into bed feeling guilty, tired, and overwhelmed at the thought of another day.


It can be even more frustrating to see other women who have more children than you, a more complicated work-life, and less talent living the life you dream of but can’t seem to reach under the pile of never-ending to-do’s.


You start to wonder to yourself, “Is it me? Will I ever get to the bottom of this list and finally be able to do the things I dream of? Is my life always going to be marked by anxiety, stress, and this feeling I’m never doing enough? 


You DO Have What it Takes to Thrive in Motherhood!


Just imagine . . .


  • Jumping out of bed excited for the day
  • A restful home that keeps itself clean
  • Hours in your day with the house perfectly quiet where you can do anything your heart desires
  • Plenty of time to get everything done
  • Happy well-behaved children that you love to spend time with
  • Feeling like a true team with your husband--no bitterness or resentment--just excitement for the future!


Don't just take my word for it!
Here's what some of my students have to say:

I LOVED Week 3! Especially when you talked about how to avoid screen time and getting down on your child's level!

Meal prepping was super helpful, too! And then the encouragement to have dreams you're working on has been so life-giving. I don't think I realized how complacent I was with the mundane, and it's brought a lot of joy having projects to work on again. You are so right, mom having those has been a gift to the entire family! - Alonnah Thomson

My favorite topics were Home management and Raising Kids! Well everything!! This course was a way to grow as a wife, mom and challenge me to keep training in my chosen field . . . motherhood! -Damaris Sanchez-Raluy




I loved all of the practical advice! The "golden free day" is awesome and my hubby loves to "give me a golden" after seeing me come back home so refreshed.

I look forward to my Friday Five and tackling chores before the weekend so that we can have a restful Saturday & Sunday. I also loved your tips on child training. Also, the jazz music....such a small tip but totally creates a nice mood when my husband walks through the door. Thanks for this course! -Courtney Ferris

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Is your life just too complicated to ever feel peaceful?


No! But it's not easy to get there.

Motherhood has changed a lot over the years. You used to learn everything you needed to know about home-making from your mother, then easily slide into being a mom yourself.


Sadly, it isn't like that anymore.


You are thrown into motherhood without really having life-experience. College. The workforce. Nothing prepared you with tried and true trade secrets for the biggest job of your life! And thousands of social media voices shouting opinions on how to raise your children make you more confused than ever.


Not only do you still have the tasks of managing a home -- dishes, cleaning, laundry, organization -- but you might be struggling to launch a business or work out of the home.


Between morning sickness, postpartum mood swings, homeschooling, work, phones, and opinions, managing a home seems like a never-ending mountain of stress and it seems impossible to do without help. 

Thankfully, there is a easier, faster, and simpler way to make your home run smoothly. And you don't need a cook, nanny, or housecleaner to do it.

The secret is leveraging your limited time and energy with SYSTEMS.


Join the Club!

By using the systems my mom used to birth and raise us 11 children (I'm the one brunette in that picture there) . . .


I was able to have four babies in four years, while growing a six-figure income stream, creating a restful home, helping manage my husband's business, and having time leftover for the hobbies I love.

Yep, you read that right, by God's grace these systems allowed me to live a full life free from anxiety and burn out.

What many mothers don't realize, is that their children, time, and energy are not what are creating the overwhelm, hopelessness, and never-ending grind.

It's simply the way they are trying to get it all done. With hustle and determination, but no SYSTEMATIC LEVERAGE.


Here are A Few results from the Get it All Done Club and the Systems I Share!

Join the Club!

I created the Get it All Done Club to give you the exact systems I used to create a restful home while maximizing my productivity.


My home wasn't always the peacefully productive place it is today. I've had my share of paralyzing overwhelm, take-out dinners, and long cry sessions. So I know what it feels like to think, "this is just what life is as a mother--stress I can never get away from."

In fact, after each new baby I reach this point postpartum where laundry is piling up, I'm snippy and irritable with my family, and I feel like I'm in survival mode.


I find myself feeling guilty for promising my kids we’ll do something fun, then being too tired. Barely getting through the day, then crashing into bed and thinking “I have to do this tomorrow! I just can’t.”


I KNOW how you feel. I've been there. (And I'll be there again.) Because motherhood systems aren't something you learn once and never have to revisit.



I stop trying to be the hero and muster up incredible will-power and self-discipline.

And I go back to my systems and routines that my mother taught me. Business coaching taught me. And life taught me. One-by-one.

Just weeks after my fourth baby was born, I was back to delicious meals on the table, obedient and happy children, a well-loved husband, smoothly running business, and restful home.

THE GET IT ALL DONE CLUB combines all the hard work and systems I've both learned and created into an easy, fool-proof, step-by-step program that will help you turn your anxiety around home-making into peace and productivity.


In The Get it All Done Club, I'm showing you the exact strategies for home-making, time management, raising delightful children, encouraging a helpful husband, finding your motivation, self-development, habit creation, and mindsets that took me from drowning in motherhood to LOVING IT!

You are going to be a mother and homemaker for the rest of your life and I believe the sooner we add the systems and tools we need to thrive, the sooner we can be free from the feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and never doing enough.


We can be the architects of them.


I’m not here to encourage you to be more disciplined and have more will power. I want to help you craft your life in such a way that does not require incredible self-control. Together we are going to create a more disciplined, restful, and productive environment. So you don’t have to fight to be those things . . . your environment supports you!


In the Get it All Done Club you'll learn over 60 strategies to eliminate anxiety, overwhelm, and the never ending grind of Motherhood. . . and replace it with a joyful home, delightful children and life you love to live! 

Each lesson is designed to give you a unique system, strategy and action step for maximizing your time to create a restful productive home, happy children, blessed marriage, and life you are excited to wake up to.


These PDF'S are designed to help you visibly work-though pain points in your life and offer an opportunity for further self-evaluation.


A safe place where you can share your wins, your struggles, and find community with like-minded women.




I need more time and tries before I get it, but SO helpful (even after 16 years of babies and managing a home!!!!) Your tips are fabulous!!"

-Marilee (Mom of 10)

Plus there are even MORE bonuses when you enroll!!


Recorded LIVE Business Training (video)

I explain the four pillars of business you NEED to know before starting or scaling any type of business, and include a PDF to identify whether your product is worth selling.

(I mean, once we free up all that time for you, we want to give you the tools you need if you want to try a hand at scaling your business or starting one! You could pay off this course in ONE day using the strategies I share!)


Recorded 45 Minute Q&A with Jenise Johnson-Mom of 11 (video)

So many juicy nuggets of wisdom are here in this Q&A! Twenty-eight years of marriage and decades of birthing, raising and homeschool children advice!


25 Activities to Tie Heart Strings With a Toddler (PDF)

If you don't know where to start with your young child, here's an easy list of activities you can pull out at any given moment to help you bond and minimize whining, needy, children.


Child Training - How to Get Started with Expectations, Discipline, Boundaries and Love (4-page PDF)


I'm excited to add this bonus for the first time with 15 activities to practice obedience with your toddler! I include an overview of how to set expectations, the goal of child training, and ways to make sure your effort is successful in raising happy obedient children . . . that like you!


Hey, I'm Katie!

I'm here to help you get rid of those nagging feelings of guilt and anxiety surrounding motherhood, and replace them with delight, confidence and peaceful productivity with the Get it All Done Club!

I'm a full-time wife and mother with a part-time podcast and business, that is passionate about helping women leverage the power of time and energy saving strategies.


I do this by teaching real-life systems, actionable tips, and proven strategies that work.


My home hasn't always been a place of peaceful productivity.


I’ve tried the hustle game, and realized I don’t like the burn-out cycle it creates. I’ve tried the “contentment” route of dropping things that I enjoy, and realized I don’t like the person I am without those interests. Somewhere in the middle of these extremes: there is a place where we can be the joyful and fulfilled mother of children we were created by God to be.

Many women give up on ever achieving a life they can't wait to wake up to.

I won't let that be you.

If you are looking to replace overwhelm with a peacefully productive home in the next few months, The Get it All Done Club is for you.


You will REALLY love the Get it All Done Club if . . .


  • You are overwhelmed and exhausted by the thought of another day


  • You feel like a victim of productivity: you get a lot done, but don't have time to rest and enjoy the life you live.


  • You want to enjoy your children, but it seems they are always whining and you never get a break


  • You struggle knowing how to get anything done without putting on a show, or waiting until they go bed


  • You find yourself oscillating between aimlessly wandering around the house, or being paralyzed with all you need to get done. 


  • You are confused on how to live your dreams, and feel you have to sacrifice them to be a good mother


  • Sometimes the anxiety you wake up to feels like it’s going to drown you 

  • You are a motivated, restful, productive mother, but you want to better optimize the hours in your day



But the Get it All Done Club isn't for everyone


I don't want to waste your time. This probably isn't for you if . . .


  • You are not comfortable with a biblical value system
  • you are not open to trying new things
  • you are don't believe women exist who have peacefully productive homes

I'm sure you have a TON of questions.
Let's see if I can help!


I totally get it. Sometimes we aren’t sure if we should purchase something or not. So to help you realize your true potential as a mother and show you that the Get it All Done Club can transform your life, you get 30 days risk free to try it out.

If you don’t like what you see within 30 days of enrollment, just ask for a refund and I’ll gladly give you one!

I do this because I want to show you how much I believe the systems in this course can transform your life. You'll never do things the same again! I WANT you to give it a shot and take the risk, because I know that you’ll be rewarded with the tools you need to replace the chaos and overwhelm with peace and productivity.



Monthly Payment Plan


$380 total

Each Lesson Includes:

  • Daily Video Lesson

  • Daily Action Step

  • Key Takeaway PDF

  • Quizzes to track progress


What's Else is Included?

  • Lifetime FREE ACCESS to Exclusive Member Community (off of social media) 
  • Mini Course: Peacefully Productive Kids
  • Mini Course: 3 Day Organization Challenge 
  • Entire Get it All Done Club Course with 60 + videos
  • 4-Step System for Easy Meal Planning Printable
  • Healthy Snack Guide
  • 25 Activities to Tie Heart Strings With a Toddler Printable
  • Child Training PDF + 15 ways to train with Toddler
  • Accountability Tracker
  • LIVE Business Training on the Four Pillars of Business
  • 45 minute Q&A with Mother of 11 Children
  • Lifetime Access & FREE Content Updates 
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One Time Payment


Each Lesson Includes:

  • Daily Video Lesson

  • Daily Action Step

  • Key Takeaway PDF

  • Quizzes to track progress


What's Else is Included?

  • Lifetime FREE ACCESS to Exclusive Member Community (off of social media)
  • Entire Get it All Done Club Course with 60 + videos
  • Mini Course: Peacefully Productive Kids
  • Mini Course: 3 Day Organization Challenge
  • 4-Step System for Easy Meal Planning Printable
  • Healthy Snack Guide
  • 25 Activities to Tie Heart Strings With a Toddler Printable
  • Child Training PDF + 15 ways to train with Toddler
  • Accountability Tracker
  • LIVE Business Training on the Four Pillars of Business
  • 45 minute Q&A with Mother of 11 Children
  • Lifetime Access & FREE Content Updates 


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