Build Your Future Without Compromising Your Present

 If we can’t win the private battles than no matter how many public battles we win, we will never walk in confidence or live a life of fulfillment. 

When you are stripped of your confidence, your ability to lead yourself and your family seems to vanish.

For years I would sit by inactive and passive whenever I lost vision and confidence and simply wait until I was graced with a dose of inspiration and motivation to get me back on track. In hindsight it’s easy to see how I was choosing to be a victim to my emotions and feelings.

I would look at high performers and effective leaders and assume they must just experience more sustained periods of motivation and discipline.

I knew the “things to do” to succeed in the areas that were important to me. Wake-up early, read my bible, workout, date my wife, lead family bible times, be a problem-solver at work, take risks in business, etc. The problem was I just couldn’t do these things for sustained periods of time.

Escaping the familiar cycle of inspiration - distraction - exertion - exhaustion - depression.




Having the clarity and energy to build a future you're excited about instead of surviving the week you dread.




Growth in . . .
-The ability to lead yourself
-Confidence in your role as a husband.
- Vision for fatherhood
-Fulfillment and Purpose in your every day life
-Sustained progress towards my 1,5, and 10 year goals in the areas of finances, impact, health, and spiritual maturity. 

Fact: Men who value both Family and Personal Success Face Unique Challenges


Without clarity and a plan of action it can lead to . . .

- Depression
- Lack of confidence
- Boredom + going through the motions
- Self-doubt
- Stress taking the excitement out of romance
- Losing your wife's admiration and respect
- Lack of excitement for the future

Is consistent, sustained, rewarding growth in marriage, fatherhood, and work even possible? 

Yes. But mastering marriage, children, work, and the desires God has placed on your heart doesn't  happen by accident. 

The difference between high-achievers and those who will always wonder if they had what it takes is not their goals - it is their systems. 

What's at Risk?

Imposter Syndrome

Feeling like you have everyone fooled, but waking up every morning to a deep sense of inadequacy. 



Mediocre Marriage.

Missing the sparkle in your wife's eyes. And a lifetime roommate relationship instead of the passionate, romantic companion you dreamed of.  

What if? 

Knowing you were capable of more, but never living into the ideals you had for yourself.



Resenting Family. 

Never acting on the dreams or goals God placed on your heart, because of the constant fatigue, chaos, and demands of Fatherhood.  

What Makes The Growth Initiative Powerful? 

The Growth initiative is unlike any program you've ever been a part of.

You'll gain exclusive access to... 

  • 6 Weeks of transformative trainings 
  • A weekly LIVE coaching call and mastermind with the men in your pod
  • A dynamic community of like-minded men
  • Tools, mindsets, and strategies for sustainable and prioritized success. 

During your Six Week Growth Initiative You Will Discover How To . . .  


Never again rely on whims of inspiration to make you feel confident and capable. Know what it takes to wake up every morning proud of the man in the mirror. And when distraction and fatigue come, using your roadmap to quickly move back into a place of clarity and focus for a vibrant marriage, peaceful family, and fulfilling work and personal aspirations.


Two and half years ago I was working as a barista to provide for my family.

My wife was 6 months pregnant with our third child and the thought of having dreams or goals seemed foolish and irresponsible. I was buried with the headaches and problems that arise on a daily basis. 

Midwife appointments, finding a bigger apartment, buying a car that could fit three carseats, taking the kids to swimming lessons, trying to get sleep each night, searching for the time to workout and read my bible, starting the week over again . . . the future? How could I think of the future when surviving the week seemed to take more energy than what I had to give?

I found myself detaching more and more from reality because  . . . I didn’t like my reality.

I had zero confidence. I felt undeserving of my wife’s respect and support. I felt incapable of leading my family. 

I had many blessings in my life, but I was unable to take joy in who I was being and what I was doing. 

At the time, I thought my lack of confidence and fulfillment came from a lack of success in career and finances. 


Then I discovered systems.

No longer relying on my failing willpower or pure determination. But setting up an environment that supported a future that excited me. 


In the past two and half years, by God's Grace. I’ve been able to move to our dream town, buy our first home home, welcome our fourth child into the world, grow my personal income from thirty thousand dollars a year to over three hundred thousand dollars annually, be in the best shape of my life, have a more flirtatious and fulfilling marriage than ever before, and be a part of christian community that allows me to serve while also being poured into. 


Yes, those were goals of mine but the  outcome these goals is not what makes the Growth Initiative systems so effective. The Growth Initiative systems enable me to be the man I know I was called to be regardless of the material results. But honestly, the material results are a pretty fun bonus. . .