Two Secrets of Highly Productive Mothers

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Do you ever look at a mom with the same amount as kids and wonder how she seems to get WAY more done? Or be more at peace?


(First off, all moms have frazzled moments, so even if she looks like she doesn’t . . . she loses it sometimes.)


BUT there are women who do get way more done in a peacefully productive manner. Their house truly is clean. Their children really are well-loved. She really does look put together every day, and her business really makes $20k a month.

**P.S. These are women I've observed, not me, okay. 😂 I have some pieces to the puzzle, but not the whole shabang . . . as I sit here writing makeup-less and in a stained t-shirt. I'm learning with you!

So what’s her secret?


She might have a lot of them, but today I’m going to tell you two.


Secret #1: She creates regular pockets of time in her day where she KNOWS she will get a break. She doesn’t live her day stressed out and overwhelmed, because she knows there are times when she will be able to devote her undivided attention to whatever needs her most.


Some women do this through gentle sleep schedules. That’s me. I don’t know exact times, but I know I’ll have a morning nap for my infant. I know from 1-3pm all my children will be asleep or in their rooms reading. I know after 7:30 my children will be down for the night. And I know I have 2-3 hours to myself before my children come out of their rooms at at 7:30.


A mom who’s a little more free-flowing might know that when her infant is in her carrier he’ll sleep so she can buzz around and get things done.


She might have a couple hours of baby-sitting daily or weekly.


She might have day-swaps with another mother — taking turns watching all the kiddos.


She might have a time when Daddy promised to kick into full-blown Dad mode.


But she does have consistent time pockets where she can rest, work, or do whatever needs to be done.


Her days are NOT giant masses of chaos where there are no guarantees.


Secret #2:  Productive Moms have BIG goals. We’re talking BIG ONES.


These goals might be for what she wants her children to accomplish. These goals might be for her own health and fitness. They may be financial or work related. They may have to do with how she wants her home to look. They may surround hospitality or volunteering.


But you’d better believe she has goals and they are big.


They give her direction in her day. Every minute counts.


And when something get’s in the way of her goals she doesn’t throw in the towel and say “it just won’t work.” She’s a problem solver and she’s going to find a solution.


She doesn’t roll out of bed in the morning to the same ol' exhausting grind. She’s going places. And she bounces out of bed because she’s thinking so big she’s excited to get out there and climb the mountain.


A productive mother has the same hurdles to overcome as every other mom, but she is fueled by a jet-pack of excitement and determination that makes each day fulfilling and full of hope.





P.S. A great place to start thinking bigger is listening to or reading: The Magic of Thinking Big, or of course, joining the 2000 women who have changed their homes into peacefully productive spaces through the Get it All Done Club. ;)



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