Freezer Meal Prep for Postpartum (Recipes and Lists!)

motherhood Jul 05, 2023

 I didn't think freezer prep was a win for our family for a long time. My problems with it? 

#1: We don't love casseroles

#2: I didn't have a giant freezer to store all the meals

#3: I like things that taste . . . fresh. Not crockpot after crockpot.

But over the years I have learned a few ways to make freezer cooking work for us! Including some recipes that I ONLY make ahead and bake straight from frozen now (hello flaky biscuits that are JUST as flaky and buttery-soft as the day they were made). 

Below are the freezer meals I specifically prepped for this postpartum season with Baby #5! If I have a recipe link, you'll see the recipe highlighted where you can go and make the same thing. These are some of our family favorites . . . 

Check back soon, because we are working on finishing writing out all these recipes! 



Pumpkin Muffins

Carrot Cake Banana Muffins

Sourdough Pizza Crust 

Sourdough Hamburger Buns

Flaky Freezer Biscuits

Chicken Pot Pie Crust 

Cornbread Batter



Chicken Taco Soup

Jalapeno Lime White Chicken Chili 


Italian Meatballs

Tangy Garlic Herb Parm Chicken Meatballs

Red Lentil Curry (Indian)

Chicken Curry (Thai)

Chicken Pot Pie Filling

Brown Bag Burrito Filling

Taquito Filling



Coconut Almond Granola 

Spinach Sausage Egg Bake (+ egg bites)

Pancake Batter

Best Apple Raisin Oatmeal Bake




Teriyaki Steak Marinade 

The Perfect Grilled Chicken Marinade

Chipotle Adobo Spread (for avocado Toast) 

Greek Chicken Marinade 

Tzatziki (for Greek Pitas)

Peanut Sauce (for spring rolls)

Meatloaf Glaze 



Yummy Balls (Rolled and Unrolled)






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