253: Digital Heroin: Screens Are Damaging Our Children's Brains | Dr. Nicholas Kardaras

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Dr. Nicholas Kardaras is an Ivy League educated psychologist, one of the country’s foremost addiction and mental health experts and the bestselling author of Glow Kids. A former clinical professor at Stony Brook Medicine, he’s developed treatment programs all over the country, has written for TIME Magazine, Scientific American, Salon and Psychology Today, and has appeared on Good Morning America, ABC's 20/20, CNN, the CBS Evening News, PBS, NPR, FOX & Friends and in Esquire and Vanity Fair. He lives in Sag Harbor, NY with his wife and twin sons.

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras' books -
- Glow Kids - https://amzn.to/48LwDbC
- Digital Madness - https://amzn.to/41Nsrpx

Website - http://www.drkardaras.com