222: Fifth Baby Home Birth Story // Natural Labor & Delivery

He is here! Woohoo! Wow. Is there anything better? What a miracle. What a pure blessing. Lionel Peter Voetberg was born on Sunday, July 23rd at 5:36 AM. 8lbs 11oz. God is so generous.     

Is there a more glorious thing than being a vessel that carries, incubates, delivers, then sustains a person that bears the image of our great Creator and King? I cannot do that. Katie just did that. Mothers do that. That is incredible!  

Thankfully our kiddos were sound asleep for the duration of the labor and delivery. Then, as they awoke, one by one, we got to witness unbridled excitement expressed in ways unique to each of their personalities. This has been the most celebratory child because of how much more our kids understand it and how they have been looking forward to it. They were so pumped to welcome this little guy into the family. It has made it really special and fun. We are a home of celebrants. New life is my favorite thing to celebrate.   

We are rejoicing in God’s grace and faithfulness to our family.


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