220: What All Men Need // Interview With Eric Conn

Eric Conn has a degree in sports journalism. He attended seminary in Louisville, KY and has worked for over a decade in the firearms and outdoor media industry as a journalist. He served as a pastor for several years in a small western town, chief of staff at a conservative media company, editor in chief at Gun Digest Magazine and various other managing editor roles at Guns and Ammo Publications and the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated. He is the husband to one lovely wife and the proud father to three strapping young sons. When he’s not podcasting at the King’s Hall and Hard Man Podcast, he’s probably in the back country chasing elk, mule deer, or bear somewhere in the uncharted territory of the west.

Eric is one of the pastors at Refuge Church in Ogden, Utah. He started the Hard Men Podcast because he was really looking for ways pastorally to help men with the issues we are facing. He’s realized, like many people in our culture, that there’s a real problem with sexuality in general. He speaks on how to present a Biblical answer, but that is also robust, has teeth and is really useful for today’s world.

Eric speaks to masculinity, families and culture so well. One of the things he highlights is men need a brotherhood of friends. Something you see in our world a lot, is that adult men don’t have friends. Men need to be surrounded by other Godly men who can help them in their walk with Christ.

Listen today as Eric shares some practical insights and advice on ways to pinpoint the problem with masculinity and how to help solve it.

You can follow Eric Conn and some resources he shared through the links below:
- New Christendom Press - https://www.newchristendompress.com
- Hard Men Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hard-men-podcast/id1512510969
- Bright Hearth Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bright-hearth/id1616730798
- The King's Hall Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-kings-hall/id1610811639
- Brian Sauve's Music - https://www.briansauve.com/a-mighty-host


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