209: Controversial Christian Leaders Who Have Influenced Us // The Pearls, Vision Forum, Bill Gothard, Beth Moore, Mark Driscoll

Today we’re sharing with you the most influential preachers and Bible teachers in our lives. Some of these may be controversial…ok, maybe all of them…just a warning :)

To list off a few that we discuss:
- Dave Hunt - Shield of Faith ministries
- Douglas Phillips - Vision Forum
- Bill Gothard/ATI/IBLT
- Michael & Debbie Pearl - No Greater Joy
- Lifeway Bible studies
- Mark Driscoll - Mars Hill Church
- John Piper
- Nancy Campell
- Francis Chan
- Voddie Baucham
- The Bible Project podcast- Phylicia Masonheimer
- Canon Press

Overall, we want to be able to draw from a wide variety of resources and tools when it comes to educating our children, of course in Scripture and also growing up in the culture and practical things. Our parents did such wise job!. They didn’t elevate man. They elevated God’s Word. We took everything back to Scripture. We never thought a man, leader, pastor or church was infallible. God is keeping us and He’s the only one keeping us. We never had an idolization of a certain person and watched them fall from grace and thought our world was rocked.

The Lord is so gracious and faithful! So many people have spoken into our lives. These are the big ones that you are going to know about. Obviously there are a lot of individuals that don’t have big ministries or aren’t easy to pin down on paper exactly what they believe. God has been so gracious to bring in different teaching and wisdom to be able to compare and think “I used to think that and now I think this.” It’s all a part of our walk. It’s all about growing in our faith. Some of these teachers we don’t agree with now, but the foundation of their teaching has really helped us to understand teaching that we have come under later in life. It can make you aware of things that you might not have been aware of before or to prove to be a helpful comparison.

The one thing we can point to as being the rock is God’s faithfulness and the infallibility of God’s Word. We want that to be our reference point. When we are reading Christian literature, we want to have God’s Word on our heart and mind and that be the standard. Every single one of these people that we have listed off have one thing in common - they are fallen, just like all of us! It makes you so grateful for the Word of God.

Mentioned in video:
- Victory Over Pornography // Interview With Chad Johnson - https://youtu.be/Ufhi3GZlcnw
- Our Personal Testimonies - https://www.nowthatwereafamily.com/podcasts/now-that-we-re-a-family-10/episodes/2147568023


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