207: Home births, Genetics, Body Image and Seed Oils with Dr. Matt Angove

Dr. Matt enjoys life with his wife, Dr. Amadea Angove, and their seven children. Dr. Amadea is a licensed naturopathic physician, acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. Dr. Matt also enjoys inspiring people to overcome poor habits so that they reach their full potential. He loves helping people overcome food addiction and sedentary living. Taking control of food and seeing someone enjoy physical activity gives him the biggest smile.

Dr. Matt Angove, ND received his medical training at Bastyr University - the premier medical school for natural health training and one of only four fully accredited naturopathic doctorate schools. He did his undergraduate studies at Oral Robert’s University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Health & Exercise Science with pre-medicine emphasis.  

It is amazing how routine and habit substitution can create health victory in ways people have never experienced before. This victory pours over into professional and social life, compounding itself and creating endless life opportunity. That is why Dr. Matt encourages people to make small, incremental changes to their life routine so that they can enjoy the wave of momentum that comes with consistent victories. The compounding of consistent victories in our life routine is what he calls health accumulation.

Being able to gain a vision for health can be so helpful. It will look different for each person. Have a goal that you want vitality, health and vigor with your children and grandchildren to really see the blessings that the Lord does like to give to people. With your capabilities, pursue the blessing of good health in your life!

You can learn more and follow Dr. Matt on his podcast, blog and other resources through his website:

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