206: Q&A: Christian Romance Novels, Low Sex Drive, Past Relationships & "It Takes a Village"

We love getting your questions on Instagram! We aren’t on Instagram anymore, so hearing from you through our Instagram page is really really fun. We love to hear what you guys are thinking and today you get to hear what we are thinking….about what you’re thinking :)

If you follow us on Instagram and have any questions you would like us to answer, put them in the Q&A box that is in our stories on Mondays! Listen along today as we answer these ten questions:

1. What are your thoughts on Christian romance novels?
2. What is your marriage advice when a wife isn’t into sex?
3. Do you have any role models outside of your parents? Who and why?
4. What are you thoughts on The Chosen?
5. Have you ever disagreed with advice given by the people you’ve had on the podcast?
6. What are some practical ways you let your boys get aggression out in a healthy way?
7. Katie, regarding managing the family wardrobe, how does everybody look so nice?
8. Do you have a number of kid’s that you want?
9. Did you guys date other people before you met each other and how did you know they were not the one?
10. “It takes a village “- what does this mean to you in your child-rearing and what does it look like?

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