205: Succeeding In Family and Business, Living Off Grid With Young Adults with Peter van Stralen from Epic Family Road Trip

For nearly three decades, Peter van Stralen has succeeded in creating remarkable experiences for his employees and customers through his principles of C.A.R.E. leadership. He is a visionary leader that energizes and inspires audiences with his C.A.R.E Leadership keynote, imparting the tools and ideas curated from his business success. In 2015, he and his family embarked full-time on an Epic Family Road Trip that continues today, setting off across North America to work hard, have fun together, and make a difference in the world through caring for others. They are currently living off grid on an island in Ontario, Canada. It is so fun the way they are doing life!

They call themselves a business family. They don’t have a family business; they are a business family. A family business is something that is outside of you, but if you’re a business family, you’re all involved in some way. It’s not such a drain on the family when you feel like you are a business family. It’s a mindset shift. They kept the C.A.R.E model for their travels. They try to leave the people they met and the places they visit a little bit better than they found them.

Listen as Peter shares bits and pieces of his story and what he and his family have done on the road these past eight years. It is nothing short of epic! They really inspire me because they are the perfect example of thinking outside the box when it comes to creating systems and a lifestyle that conducive to a healthy family.

You can learn more and follow Peter van Stralen and his family through the resources below:
Website - https://www.petervanstralen.com/
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/@EFRT
Peter van Stralen’s Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/petervanstralen/
Epic Family Roadtrip Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/epicfamilyroadtrip/
Book - “Care Leadership” - https://amzn.to/3GNEbPm

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