204: Battling Discontentment in Parenting // Practical Ways to Thrive as a SAHM

Today we are going to be talking about battling discontentment in motherhood, more specifically with stay-at-home motherhood. I think a lot of mothers can struggle with this, but especially stay-at-home moms. We will also be touching on discontentment in parenting in general and some mindsets and thoughts around that.

Katie’s natural bent was not one of wanting to rear children and nurture them in the home and be somebody that was pouring into their household. That is now the true desire of her heart. Finding fulfillment in motherhood for Katie started as a conviction that it was worth learning to love and worth learning to do well. That included home management as well as emotional, personal, and time management, hospitality and all the things that go into being a mother.

Having the role in our home as a father or mother is unequivocally the most glorious position we can have on earth. There is no other title that we could ever attain, pursue or desire here on earth that is to be more honored than father and mother.

If we don’t have incredible godly sister’s in Christ that are building us up and saying that our role and what we are doing is valuable and we have people in our life that are telling us that we are making ourself small choosing to stay home, then we need to bring in outside resources. We need to be reading books and listening to podcasts that affirm what we are doing. First and foremost we need to be in God’s Word. That is the ultimate affirmation that you are not wasting your time and energy. There is nothing out there that is going to fulfill you more than you finding fulfillment right where God has you right now. That is something that is so clear and we don’t need to question. If we have children in our home then we are in the center of God’s will when we are mothering those children!


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