Your Surroundings

Apr 01, 2022

Motherhood isn't doing the laundry. It isn't washing the dishes or changing a diaper or going to the park.

Yet so often we confuse menial chores with our high calling. 

Tasks surround everyone’s day.

Yet a Doctor saves lives — doesn’t wash hands, fill out paperwork, give prescriptions.

A teacher impacts generations — doesn’t sit through meetings, hang banners, grade papers. 

A Lawyer brings justice — doesn’t read contracts, sit in a stuffy office, change ink cartridges. 

When we define our role by the tasks that we do instead of the impact we have, we miss out on the significance of our position.

A mother influences eternity — doesn’t declutter, potty train, hand out string cheese.

Anyone can make a school lunch. But only I have been entrusted with this soul. Only you have that Blessing in your care.

Motherhood is a incredible position of purpose and power, when we stop defining our days by the chores that we do, and instead focus on the mission gifted exclusively to us by a gracious God.

Tasks surround everyone’s day. But my precious children surround mine.

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