Wondering is it worth it?

Sep 03, 2021

Whenever I wonder, “is it worth it?”

Whenever I think, “being a mother is hard.” Whenever I worry, “can I give each child enough love?”

I think of my sisters.

My best friends. My peer pressure. My workout partners.

I think of years of sleepovers. The shoulders to cry on. The boy-talks.

I think of who encouraged my style. Who taught me to ask forgiveness. Who affirmed my strengths. Who laughed with me at my weaknesses.

My mother was one woman. But she gave me seven different women to shape, and grow, and learn with me.

Creating this cooking show with my family reminded me, yet again, that giving my children siblings doesn’t take away from their life experience. Rather, it is one of the greatest gifts I can give them.

The full episodes of our cooking show (and our original home videos) are now available!!  Catch K's in the Kitchen Here. 

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