What I Don't Need

Feb 16, 2022

We take one scroll down social media, and memes read, “moms need our wine.”

We take one trip to Walmart and a shirt will shout, “I haven’t had my coffee yet!”

We walk into one grocery store and the marketing whispers, “you can’t get by without chocolate.”

But the truth is, I don’t need my chocolate. You don’t need your coffee. We don’t need our wine, our Netflix shows, our comments about the crutches we use to “get ourselves through motherhood.”

We need Jesus.

Because every day our actions and words tell our children what or who they should turn to when life gets challenging and complicated.

May our children see us pressing into the Savior that gives us strength, joy, and life each morning, instead of using a substance to find comfort or distraction from the moment at hand.

We don’t need something. We need someone.

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