What He Has Done

Jan 18, 2022

I don’t want my parenting to twist morality with complete surrender.


To raise my children to believe if they turn the other cheek and go the extra mile or link any number of proverbial truths they will somehow earn forgiveness and approval.


It’s a gift.


I don’t want my children to ask, “what would Jesus do?” Because it’s putting faith in our own hearts to muscle out the sinless perfection of a righteous God who bore the sins of the whole world because the weight of our own sin was enough to crush us into eternal separation from our loving Creator.


The more they ask, “what would Jesus do?” the more it turns our eyes to a failing battle of human guilt and fleshly will.


It’s trying to save ourselves instead of resting in what Jesus has DONE.


Having courage and being kind isn’t enough. Giving to the poor. Knowing the right Bible verses and attending the right church . . .


May any good they do be an outpouring of who HE IS.


Understanding the debt that was paid, and the price so completely given, that nothing we ever do can earn us one more iota of Grace.


We walk in holiness because He is holy.


Not mustering up “goodness” that makes us question our own motives, and scared of our own hearts.


But an outpouring of new desires and new hopes. New actions because of a new heart.


It is not being like Jesus that saves me. It’s what Jesus has DONE.

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