Dec 23, 2021

When we degrade Motherhood to being a “job” we limit it to being a binding chore. One we show up to every day because we have to.


One that will never quite make sense because while we render it synonymous with a profession, we don’t get benefits or pay.


When we try to argue it worthwhile by equating ourselves to other veins of employment—doctor, teacher, cook—It’s no wonder we end the day lost and weary, wondering how to escape the drudgery, and how to make sense of our unpaid domestic labor.


By attempting to prove our worth and value, our choice of vocabulary equates us to slaves.


Motherhood is a privilege, not a profession.


Motherhood is a gift—offering deep fulfillment, a key that unlocks doors of emotion and heartache and joy not everyone gets to experience.


Motherhood is a purpose. A treasure box of meaning and reason to get up each day.


Motherhood is a mission. A sacred responsibility to guard and shepherd and gently tend to their hearts.


Motherhood is a living sacrifice—freely giving of ourselves for an eternal purpose.


Motherhood is a teacher. Challenging and stretching us in ways we could have never reached alone. New capabilities and wisdom and depth.


Motherhood is an advantage. Giving us perception, and shrewdness, and insight.


Being a Mother is not a job, it is a privilege.


Children are not tasks to complete or boxes to check.


They are a crown of glory, and a blessed hope.


We, as Mothers may always be misunderstood, but perhaps if we explained our purpose in better terms we would not overlook the gift we have been given.


We. Are. blessed.

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