Today Love is Two Pull-ups at Bedtime

Feb 14, 2021

Today love is two pull-ups and two diapers at bedtime. Love is late nights and early mornings. Love is taking it one day at a time. Love is crying for no reason and being held. Love is holding hands in the dark without words, just thoughts.

Some days love is a romantic dinner. Love is a weekend getaway without a care in the world. Love is long kisses and playful nights. Love is high heels and a suit jacket.

Last year my heart skipped a beat with cologne and roses.

Today my heart skipped a beat when he winked across a row of sticky fingers and food-smeared plates.

I’m relishing our love packaged as takeout dinners—a baby between us—shared laughs at our little circus.

Because love with you is a million little things and lifetime of different seasons. Love is growing old together . . . waking up over and over to a love that is new.

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