There’s so much good things to pray about

Dec 01, 2021

The simplicity of his Theology is convicting.


His confidence in sharing with every neighbor that God will forgive their sins if they will trust in Jesus.


His boldness—not stopping at love, but continuing to say that if you don’t believe in God there is a place called, “hell.”


His determination when he asked a boy if he believed, and didn’t stop when the boy said yes.


“Good. Now go tell your friends and I’ll tell all my friends so we can all go to heaven.”


What clarity of mission.


What a rational perspective on the finiteness of this world and the significance of eternity.


I learn more about my view of God by listening to his prayers than I do listening to my own bumbling words.


The way he doesn’t beg for good things. But makes a point to thank God for every little thing he likes.


The way his siblings sigh in despair when it’s his turn to pray for breakfast, because their eggs will be cold before he’s through.


“Dear God, ok, let’s see. Wow, there’s so much good things to pray about. . .”


I have read and studied many giants of the faith, but when it comes to the beauty of the gospel my greatest teacher is under three feet tall.

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