Thank you, for being you.

Nov 04, 2021

I’m a woman of many words, but when it comes to you, they fail me.


I say, “servant-hearted” but it pales in light of the way you put the children and I first.


I say, “thoughtful” but it seems shallow, for the dozens of times each day I see little traces of you thinking how to help and bring me joy.


I try, “skilled,” but there truly is nothing you cannot do.


I whisper, “romantic,” but no one but me will have any idea.


I think, “strong.” But it’s not just your muscles, it’s your mind, your heart, the way you push past fear.


I am a woman of many words, but when it comes to you, they fail me.


The world says, “Lover,” but it’s empty to describe the richness of having all my flaws bared, yet being bathed in your acceptance.


I write, “trustworthy,” but who can speak to the peace in my heart?


“Protector,” falls short of the way your spiritual and physical wisdom makes me feel safe.


I am a woman of many words, but being yours is better than something you say.


Thank you, for being you.

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