Our Takeaways from Interviewing The Tysons // Pastoring, Entrepreneurialism, and Homeschooling 7 Children

Nov 23, 2021

 We had the privilege of interviewing parents of seven, Michael and Ariel Tyson! It was encouraging to hear more about their homeschooling journey, how they prioritize marriage in the midst of pastoring, entrepreneurialism and social media, and the importance of teaching healthy masculinity. 

Some of our favorite takeaways from the interview were . . .

1. The parents need to set the tone for the home, not the children. The kids are the kids and they shouldn't dictate when and how things happen in the home. 

2. When two driven, goal oriented people come together in marriage it doesn't need to mean competing visions or total sacrifice from one of the parties. Instead, establish what is most important for your marriage and family, combine your dreams, talents, and abilities to achieve those things, then move on from the dreams and aspirations that do not support the ultimate priorities. 

3. We cannot wait until we get our copy of Jack and the Fantastical Circus! We love that they made an extra effort to include male characters that exemplify godly, heroic, and honorable attributes. 

We know you will enjoy this behind the scenes look at the Tyson's marriage, faith and family life as much as we did!  




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