I'm doing it for...

Jul 29, 2021

When did it become noble to say, “I’m doing it for me?”

When did it become wrong to do something for someone else?

To do something for no other reason, than that it brings someone you love joy.

“I’m doing it for myself. I’m doing it because it makes me feel better. I’m doing it it for me.”

Somehow is far more accepted than, “I’m doing it because my husband likes it. I’m doing it because I love my children. I’m doing it because I’m a servant of Christ.”

Selflessness is not synonymous with abuse.

Service is not the same as “door-mat.”

Sacrifice does not equate to low self-esteem.

In an attempt to combat a world that preys upon our insecurity, takes away our innocence, and fosters a never-ending search for “being enough.”

Our pursuit of self-love and self-care has tragically stolen the beautiful joy of giving.

Yes, we need time to breathe, and refuel, and rest, and renew.

But a life of service is nothing to shame or guard against.

When giving comes from a place of joy and desire—not force or coercion—it is one of the most fulfilling acts on earth.

We only do greater disservice when we take away the joy of a woman giving—encouraging her to put herself first—assuming that her acts of love only stem from a lack of confidence, security, and worthiness.

As a daughter of God, my life is not my own. I live for Him, my creator, my master.

And as such, one of the most rewarding things to do in this life is serve my husband because I get to, and love my little ones because they are my greatest calling.

Sometimes we do things only because it makes our family happy and glorifies our Savior . . . but in return we receive the greatest joy.

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