Happy New Year 2022

Jan 11, 2022

Hello! It’s 2022 and my name is Elisha Peter Voetberg. (Just figured we should start with the facts.) You are all probably much more familiar and acquainted with my beautiful wife, Katie Joy seeing that she has been the prominent face and voice on this platform over the last five years.


She has also been the prominent voice and face in my life over the last five years and that has resulted in my last five years being the best years of my life thus far.


When Katie and I met she was 8 and I was 12. I can honestly say that I remember the day we met. However, I can also honestly say that I don’t remember any of our supposed 391 interactions we had from the time she was 8 until 18. But when she turned 18 I was like “dang, ok. I hope we have many interactions in our future.”


Well, here we are seven years later and you can probably guess by our four children that we ended up having more interactions.


Anyways. . .


Prior to getting married, Katie and I were both highly motivated and visionary people. But it wasn’t until after marriage that we started seeing tremendous growth in areas of our lives in which we had great aspirations.


Basically, marriage has made every single aspect of our lives better and we love being advocates and cheerleaders of marriage and family.


The home has the potential to be the ultimate incubator of discipleship, personal growth, and global impact.


That said, a healthy home, vibrant marriage, and fruitful family is made up of individuals. Individuals who are relentless in their pursuit of growth in faith, character, and capabilities.  


Katie and I both seek to grow as individuals into the people God created us to be and we are encouraged to see so many of you joining us!


Thank you for walking alongside our family the past 5 years and we look forward to growing together through whatever God has planned in 2022!

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