Giving Up a Second-Rate Dream

Apr 13, 2021

Sometimes we have to give up a second-rate dream to raise a first-rate family.

It’s tempting to think we could run faster and farther by by ourselves. But when did faster and farther become the goal?

Each step I take with my children is infused with sweet richness. Each step is one of meaning, of purpose, of soul-filling life.

The more I release myself from the constant treadmill of thoughtless consumption and continuous pursuit—headlines, sound bytes, triggers and views.

The more content I become.

When I shut down the world wide portals and focus on my own tiny bubble, I find there is plenty of time.

Time in the Word and intentional exercise. Keeping mouths fed and making a home. Reading and learning. Hospitality and giving. Creating and loving.

It may not lead to achievement measured by likes, accolades, or dollars. But I am slowly learning to judge success by joy, peace and relationship.

Motherhood becomes the most enjoyable work I could ever do, when I take my eyes off everything screaming my name and look into the eyes that call me, “Mama.”

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