Gift of a Lifetime

Jul 13, 2021

Some of us can feel guilty our babies came tumbling earth-side one after another faster than you can say 1,2,3.

Almost like we took those precious moments of solitude away from our first-borns—children who will never remember life without another.

But then I remember Kyla.

She came into my world right after my first birthday, and was someone my mother could never be for me.

We potty trained together.

We were embarrassed of how yellow our white-Christmas-play-sheep costumes made our teeth look, together.

We snuck between five bulls in the middle of the night to retrieve our milk cow, together.

We got over our fear of selling brownies, together. We tried to cover our breakouts with makeup, together. We cried when our high school volleyball team lost, together.

Now we’re married to two wonderful men, and raising families . . . together.

I wouldn’t trade a moment of growing up with Kyla, for years of being my parents’ only beloved.

I wouldn’t trade any one of my ten siblings for having my parents undivided attention.

God has different plans for each size and spread of family. But if your children are blessed to have siblings so tight against them people ask if they’re twins, know that whatever was taken away, was replaced with an even better gift!

I’m still celebrating the gift of a lifetime.

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