Forever Bonds

Aug 27, 2021

Ten younger siblings were always in my space.
We rubbed shoulders all day in our one room schoolhouse called “home.”
Played sports together. Sang together. Ate every meal together. Shared bedrooms together.

This created conflict.

But where there is conflict, there is room for resolution.
Where there are hours of time spent, there are hours of memories made.
Where there are people in your space, there is opportunity for deep friendship.

And that’s what happened.

Forever bonds easily formed with siblings that “got” me. And it was worth the effort to try and relate with ones who rubbed me wrong.

Navigating highly emotional situations got easier. And there was plenty of practice being misunderstood and misunderstanding. Seeking reconciliation. Asking forgiveness. Making amends.

In moments where cutting off relationship sounded appealing, that sister was still there day after day.

In moments where a brother emotionally withdrew, ignoring the relationship and replacing him with someone new wasn’t an option.

I am thankful my parents saw our home as a breeding ground for cultivating healthy relationship—leading by example, and never settling for grudges, bitterness, or resentment.

There is curriculum for academics, sports, and careers. But relational wealth, insight, and stewardship is best created in homes, tight spaces, and the daily ebb and flow of life.

And those I hold close is what makes life truly rich.

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