Every Fleeting Moment

Apr 26, 2022

Today we’re making oatmeal in your little pot, tomorrow you’ll be making breakfast by yourself.

Today I hear your squabbles with the neighbor boy, tomorrow I’ll hear about your first date. 

Today we’re learning how to brush our teeth, tomorrow we’ll be learning about puberty. 

Today we’re laughing about your doll’s backwards dress, tomorrow we’ll laugh when we’ve finished crying. 

Today I watch you content in your Daddy’s arms, tomorrow I’ll watch you fall in love with another man.

And I wonder, is it enough? 

Am I doing enough?

Will you look back and say that somehow Peppa-pig-sticker time prepared you for life, and love, and becoming a woman?

But then I remember we only have today.

I don’t know all the conversations we’ll have or the roads we’ll cross on the way to Tomorrow.

But today we will make oatmeal in your little pot. And I will smile at your squabbles with the neighbor boy. And I will cherish every fleeting moment you are my little girl.

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