Can’t Automate Relationships

Nov 10, 2021

By the time I wanted to keep secrets and my scary thoughts from my dad, he had rebounded thousands of my shots and put me in hundreds of headlocks and half nelsons.


I knew I could trust him.


These days, I am relying on tickle fights and snuggle wars to build relational equity with my children.


My hope is that by the time they are able to overpower me and effectively apply a triangle choke, I will have the emotional insight to speak into their lives.


I’ll do my best to predict the big questions or when they are too embarrassed to confess something. But at the end of the day, if I don’t have their hearts, I will simply be checking boxes to let myself off the hook.


Relationships aren’t efficient.


I want to remember this as I am going through my day trying to automate income streams and implement systems to leverage my time.


You can’t automate relationships or systematize tying heart strings.


Living room wrestling matches is a precursor to grappling with their feelings, battling for their friendship, and helping them fight for their faith.

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