Biggest Takeaways From Interviewing Eric Ludy about Ministry, Work, and Family Life

Mar 22, 2022

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and my family. That's what I want people to see me get most excited about when they are talking to me.

That is definitely what I saw in Eric Ludy when I interviewed him last week. And this left a strong impression on me. After writing 27 books, discipling thousands of young people at the school he founded, and going on speaking tours around the world, it was clear to me that what Eric was most passionate about was the gospel and his family.

I feel like we were just starting to scratch the surface to the well of knowledge and helpful insight he has so be sure to go check out his podcast as well as his archive of sermons. I will link them below.  


-Eric's Podcast, The Daily Thunder:

-Eric's Personal Website:

-Ellerslie Instagram:

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