Raising Sons

Mar 09, 2021

Realize that from day one, he’s wired to be self-reliant. Don’t change that. – Harrison

My son turned four this month, and already he has me catching my breath as I watch him jump off high objects, flip on the trampoline, and show me what he whittled with his pocket knife.

He wants to tie his own shoes—even if it’s only in knots—and “fold” his own laundry even if it only looks like a thoughtful pile.

He wants to show me his muscles and butter his own toast.

He wants to be self-reliant, and part of me is proud, while the other part wants to strap on his helmet and wrap every bit of my baby in soft foam so he never gets hurt.

He’s only four, but every day I let a little more of him grow up into the man he was created to be.

Today, I celebrate my son is still my baby, and pray for the faith to let go in the tiny ways he needs over the years.

I love you, Little Man. And I love being your mommy.

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