193: First Trimester Baby #5 Q&A // Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Today we are talking about how Katie’s pregnancy has been so far with baby #5 and answering questions that you have asked us! This pregnancy has felt different than our other ones since we had a miscarriage this past summer. It is remarkable how that really changed our perspective in regards to the preciousness of life. We have always loved our children, but we were so much more grateful for them when we saw the reality that nothing is guaranteed. Our overall childrearing experience has been so positive in every aspect that when we lost that baby this summer, it really made us have to trust God’s sovereignty in a challenging way. It gave us so much more admiration and respect for people who have been through real loss and challenging things in their life and in the midst of it, they trust the Lord in His goodness and sovereignty.

We are really excited about this fifth pregnancy and trusting that the Lord has given us this baby and we’ll see it through to completion. We’re so happy to celebrate this baby with all of you!

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