191: Masculine Role Models: Should Christians Listen To Joe Rogan?

Today we are talking about Christian masculinity, Godly masculinity and Godly manhood - what it should and should not look like. Is there a template we can model our lives after as men or is it vague? Is it subjective? Is it to each his own?

It wasn’t until I started having sons that I really started caring about Christian masculinity and what that looked like. As time has gone on and I’ve wanted to put my finger on what leading my sons in a Godly way should look like, it’s become more and more difficult to find role models or teaching that are both Biblically sound and practical.

We need to realize what God has for men. What is the Godly standard? I have been going to the Proverbs recently and it has been so enlightening as to what God wants men to be. It was so empowering to see God’s wisdom on display here in such practical way. All of the Proverbs are so good in regards to being a godly, masculine man, good husband, good church member, and a good father.

Men of God love instruction. They love being taught. They love being given wisdom. They love learning. They love finding knowledge and seeking it as hidden treasures. Going to the Proverbs and seeing God’s wisdom is so practical and applicable. This has been a huge blessing! I encourage you to go and start reading it today!


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