186: Running Our Family Like A Business

Families are high above businesses and other outside ministries, but we can learn so much from how we apply ourselves to business and hopefully get convicted and come back to our home and want to put the structure and intentionality into our home and family.

However, we don’t want to cheapen what marriage or family is by comparing it to a business. Obviously the covenant of marriage is something God ordained. There is a spiritual and holy element to it that a business will never be able to recreate. We’re doing this from the perspective that family and marriage are in a league of its own when it comes to importance and significance for what God has said about it.

Each family, as a culture, will tend to value what the parents value. We’re training our kids with what we do with our time. Companies that run for generations often have had a generational view in mind when they started and the kids were able to take and make it even better, which is the prayer for our family. 

Podcast Episode Referenced:
137: Why The Christian Family is Broken // Interview With Jeremy Pryor of Family Teams -

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