143: Getting Rid of Our Smartphones . . . for good! (How it's been going

Today we are talking about what convinced us to be an iphone-free family and how that practically looks for us on a day-in and day-out basis!

Because social media is a leg of our business, we talk a lot about the different factors that influenced us via apps. 

But in this podcast Elisha touches on some of the other reasons he got rid of his phone a year and a half ago . . . even after he deleted his personal social media accounts!

Youtube. Random Google searches. The weather. Tasks. Reminders. Email. Blurry work/home boundaries. Sports team updates. Being constantly accessible by everyone and everything at ANYTIME . . . it's not a part of our life anymore. 

I'm so thankful for the new rest and peace we didn't think was possible in a 21st century home, and we're excited to continue questioning "necessary evils" and determine if they are truly necessary. 

Of course, smartphones have greatly blessed us as tools and resources (we have no personal convictions against technology) and they may be in our home again in the future. 

But we found the ability to efficiently and instantly shop, research, communicate and interact with the entire world in the cracks of our day became more of a curse than a blessing.

So far, intentionality and a slower pace of life has only enriched our home. 

We are thankful for fewer options, decisions, distractions, and opinions in 2022.