132: Advice We Would Give Our Younger Selves

Hindsight is 20/20... or so they say. Looking back at our younger selves and all that we experienced, most of us would agree that there are some obvious changes we'd make nowadays. That being said, we ultimately understand the sovereign hand of God upon it all even when we didn't see it. Join us, as we discuss the advice we'd give our younger selves. - Top 5 Tuesday Join our weekly email list to keep up to date with the highlights of what is going on in our family life. (scroll to the bottom) https://www.nowthatwereafamily.com/site/about - Looking for more Now That We're A Family resources? We got 'em! Website: https://www.nowthatwereafamily.com - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nowthatwereafamily/ - OUR FAMILY MUSIC ACADEMY: https://www.voetbergmusicacademy.com - Is your life just too complicated to ever feel peaceful? Check out Katie's: https://getitalldoneclub.com