Newest Release!

Elisha Voetberg collaborated with a long-time friend to share a fresh take on two old hymns. Enjoy listening here or add it to your Spotify playlist!

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*New* Nothing But the Blood

Resurrecting a classic hymn with Bradley Goodin.  

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Encouraging Parents

Elisha Voetberg's newest single encouraging parents to entrust their children to the Lord, knowing the battle is already won! 

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Teaching Children Powerful Gospel Truths Through Music

Now That I'm a Father. A children's album created to strengthen our children's faith in Christ. Theologically rich and melodically soothing.

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In the Victory

Three original songs Praising our Savior and reminding us of the victory we have in Christ both here on earth, and in heaven eternally.

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                            Guitar. Piano. Mandolin. Fiddle. Uke.

Online Music Lessons

Teaching Families to Play Together

  • Each lesson is song-based, so right away you can see your progress.

  • Siblings can share lessons at no additional cost!

  • The way we teach music, you are not limited by sheet music, style, or genre. If you hear a song, you can play it.
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Voetberg Music Academy 

Growing up, our parents spent hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars in music lessons each month. And at $30 for ONE half hour lesson, many families cannot afford our in-person lessons either. Voetberg Music Academy was born out of 10 siblings desire for all families to be able to learn, play, and enjoy music together.

- The Voetbergs

Tips for Playing Music With Your Family

Where do you even start? What will motivate you to keep going? How do you keep everyone involved? How do you have fun? Learn the secrets from the Voetbergs (a family with 10 kids) who have successfully navigated playing music together as a family.

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