The Five Biggest Pain Points of Postpartum and How To Work Through Them as A Married Couple 

Elisha and Kathryn Voetberg have three children under three, and are passionate about the postpartum season drawing your marriage closer together instead of tearing it apart. 

These complementary workbooks, FOR HIM and FOR HER, explain how they do it and how you can too! 

You'll Learn:

Great Expectations: how to make sure they don't go unmet

Communication: when you're tired, emotional, and don't know what to say

Emotions and Hormones: working through them together (and what to expect)

Sleep and Fatigue: coming up with a game plan and being a team

Sex and Intimacy: keeping the spark in marriage after childbirth 

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About the Authors

Katie fell in love with Elisha when she was eight years old, and he fell in love with her ten years later! Enter four kiddos, and five years of marriage . . . they are more passionate about marriage and family than ever!

Together, Elisha and Katie run Now That We're A Family, a website and podcast that focuses on encouraging marriages and promoting positive family culture. They love sharing about the early transitions of family-life and the struggles that come along with it.

The Voetbergs want to empower couples to pursue their dreams with their children, and realize that life doesn't end when you get married and have kids. The fun is just beginning!

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