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Whether you have been married for 30 years, or are just starting out on the adventure of a lifetime, imagine. . . 


  • Feeling completely understood on issues you've never seen eye-to-eye on with the One-Way Breakthrough Conversation™

  • A spouse that opens up to you (and one you feel safe opening up to)

  • Uniting on parenting and finances with help from the Upside-Down Success Framework™

  • Discovering fresh desire, intimacy, and romance at every stage of life 

  • Laying a foundation of teamwork and companionship in marriage regardless of what highs and lows the next decade throws your way

  • Apply radical biblical concepts to your marriage that create clarity, alignment, and excitement for the future! 

Do you ever look at your spouse and feel like they are 1,000 miles away? 


Maybe you’re at a point in your marriage where you just don’t know which way to turn. How to break through the communication hot-topics that keep building up. How to craft a vision for your family that gets you both excited. How to be each other’s best friend and teammate instead of nit-picking and getting on each other’s nerve.


Or maybe you want to maximize the incredible union God has blessed you with. You want to grow, learn new skills, and craft a marriage that is seen more vibrant, transparent, and romantic than where you are today.

The Average Married Couple: 


- spends 5 minutes a day in real, non-transactional conversation

- has sex less than once a week

- feels emotionally disconnected and unfulfilled

- wades through 6 years of unhappiness before looking for help and support


But who wants Average?

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"Chad and Jenise gave us direction and the tools we needed to go from barely going to make it, to very much in love with each other!"

Their wise and biblical counsel has changed our marriage for the better!

- Noah and Kaeley Whitt


Meet Your Coaches

Chad and Jenise Johnson 

With 11 biological children, 22 moves (including living in a tent and trailer and manufacturing warehouse) and 11 job changes since saying "I do," Chad and Jenise have walked through many different seasons in 30 years of rich marriage.


They are passionate about sharing the dark moments of struggling with reoccurring sin, communication failure, and regrets, as well as the incredible highs (and the resources that helped them get there), to encourage other couples that God is able to create masterpiece marriages from ordinary lives. 


Together they have coached married couples for the past 15 years to experience breakthroughs in creating rich, real, romantic and unified marriages. 

"...So refreshing and life-giving."

"With multiple businesses and 3 young kids, our lives are fast and full. Being able to slow down to invest in our relationship and plan our future together was so refreshing and life-giving. We now have a plan and are seeing in real time how God is blessing our lives each day. Chad and Jenise are amazing!" - Scott and Amy Donnell


"Getting away together in a beautiful place, connecting as a couple, and leaving aligned in our relationship and our vision for our family is priceless!" - Mark and Ann Timm




"...Made a huge positive impact for us."

"Ash and I work together in our business which can lead to taking your partner for granted. Implementing what we’ve learned from Chad and Jenise into our daily lives has made a huge positive impact for us. We're now able to make our marriage and family a priority while still running a successful business." - Ash and Shanda

Pay in Full

What to Expect:

Each video is designed to dig deeper into what God says about marriage and gain practical new insights, tools, and strategies to maximizing the joy, impact, and blessing in your marriage. 


These printable PDF'S are designed to help you visibly work-though pain points in your marriage and reach new levels of intimacy.


Join Chad and Jenise three weeks into Marriage Maximizer™ for a group Q&A for further clarification and marriage specific advice. 




Chad and Jenise also included a Zoom Recording of a bonus Q&A they did with the Beta Couples who joined Marriage Maximizer when it first opened. 

Be a fly on the wall and watch them answer real-time questions for even more insight and encouragement! 


Rich, Real, Romantic Marriages Don't Happen on Accident

How to Participate in Marriage Maximizer™

In Marriage Maximizer™, you get access to all the content immediately! You can spread out the content over eight weeks of date-nights, as each session is likely to stir up lots of conversation, and comes with workshop tools to work through individually and as a couple to help you communicate. 

HOWEVER, our suggestion, is to find a babysitter, get a hotel room, and work through the entire program over a weekend. 

Just like Chad and Jenise's in-person marriage retreats, this will help you immerse into your marriage, keep the conversations going -- uninterrupted by normal life -- and lead to even more breakthroughs. 


What we learned from Chad and Jenise completely transformed our marriage. We’ve attended many of their marriage classes and retreats and plan to attend more in the future. The tools and communication tips they share are so practical and are truly priceless. We use them on a very regular basis in our marriage, weather it be to resolve a conflict, or just to be intentional on how we can love each other in the moment! Chad and Jenise are full of so much wisdom. Their love for Jesus is seen in how they love and cherish each other… - it’s contagious!

- Dan & Kristy

Chad and Jenise are inspirational, transparent, and authentic. Their marriage retreat is worth every penny for a lasting thriving marriage.

- The Pinkertons





More Praise for Chad and Jenise's Marriage Coaching


"One of the highlights for me was their unique Family Culture. Seeing what Chad and Jenise have created for their family and being able to take that to our family has created a vision for us.” - Cherie H.


"You guys are amazing – thanks for inspiring us to be better." - Kim H.


"Loved the weekend! Got so many great book suggestions. Absolutely loved how the Bible was integrated into the entire weekend." - Kerry F.


"Wonderful! Awesome! Amazing! Thankful! Encouraged! Joy filled!" - Ann T.


"This weekend was chock full of things we could take away and implement every day in our lives as spouses, as parents, and as members of our community.” - Laci W.


“I was really inspired by Chad and Jenise and the family they have created for themselves. You can have a bigger impact in the world by starting with your family.” - Blake H.


“If you feel like you’ve lost a little bit of zest of romance or communication with your spouse this weekend will give you the tools and rejuvenate your marriage.” - Rusty W.

"It’s absolutely worth the investment of time and money. The wisdom that’s offered here is priceless.” - Morgan B.
This restored my vision for marriage and family and gave me many tools to use in
communicating with my wife. - Jensen N.

This retreat was such an incredible blessing. We both witnessed your fruitfulness and joy and knew your teachings, stories, etc. were so genuine.
 Thank you for being righteous examples. We’re leaving so inspired! - Adam F.

Thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful retreat. I really valued how real and honest you
both were about your struggles. It is so evident that God is shining in your marriage and your family!
–Angela S.

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